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Veteran. Drill Sergeant. Fitness Motivator. Personal Trainer.

John Burk

John is known for many things, but he is known most for inspiring thousands to become a better version of themselves. The world has taken notice, John has been quoted by the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and Fox News.
  • John served our country in the United States Army for 13 years, deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan for three tours in support of the War on Terrorism, culminating with serving as a Drill Sergeant.
  • Through his many motivation videos and programs on several platforms, John has inspired thousands of everyday people to make a commitment to fitness. John's social media presence and radio show appearances reach hundreds of thousands every month.
  • Through many avenues like public speaking and breaking critical news stories that affect the well-being of veterans, John has become a figure within the veteran community nationwide.

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